In the heart of Eugene, Oregon, there’s a place where art, music, and history intertwine to create something truly special. It’s called the Out of Step

My Tattoo Journey at Out of Step

Loyal To Loyal Tattoo Ryan Thompson

My Tattoo Journey at Out of Step

In the heart of Eugene, Oregon, there’s a place where art, music, and history intertwine to create something truly special. It’s called the Out of Step Tattoo Gallery, a name that resonates with the rhythmic rebellion of Minor Threat’s “Out of Step” album. This isn’t just a tattoo shop; it’s a homage to a cultural legacy, a space where creativity and tradition dance in unison. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing this first-hand, and it’s a story I’m eager to share. As a child, I used the moniker “Minor Threat” when parousing BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems). This is one of my favorite bands of all time, fitting since this is my favorite tattoo of all time!

Out of Step Tattoo Gallery stands out as a beacon for those who appreciate the deeper meaning behind tattoos. It’s a place where each needle stroke tells a story, where every ink blotch is a testament to the shop’s dedication to artistry and individual expression. The ambiance of the gallery, with its vibrant energy and walls echoing the spirit of Minor Threat, sets the stage for a truly immersive experience.

Enter Kirby Smalls, a name that’s rapidly becoming synonymous with artistic brilliance in the world of tattooing. Despite only having his professional tattoo license for a year, Kirby’s talent transcends the bounds of time. He’s a maestro with a tattoo machine, a visionary who turns skin into a canvas of personal narratives.

In my recent visit, documented in the attached video, Kirby transformed a design I hold dear – one that’s intertwined with the ethos of Disruptarian Radio that I created earlier this year to promote the radio station – into a stunning piece of body art. This wasn’t just a tattoo session; it was a celebration of individuality, a nod to the legacy of punk music, and a testament to Kirby’s exceptional skill.

The tattoo, an emblem of my loyalty to Disruptarian Radio, now sits proudly on my skin, a constant reminder of the journey, the music, and the artistry that brought it to life. Kirby’s attention to detail, his understanding of the significance behind the design, and his ability to breathe life into it is nothing short of remarkable.

Out of Step Tattoo Gallery is more than just a spot for getting inked. It’s a cultural landmark, a place where the rebellious spirit of punk and the intimate art of tattooing converge. Kirby Smalls, with his extraordinary talent, embodies the essence of what this gallery stands for – authenticity, art, and a deep respect for the narratives we choose to carry on our skin.

To anyone in Eugene, or those visiting, looking for a place to etch their stories in ink, I can’t recommend Out of Step Tattoo Gallery enough. And if you’re fortunate enough to have Kirby as your artist, you’re in for an experience that’s as memorable as it is meaningful.

Check out the video here for a glimpse into this unique journey and to see Kirby’s remarkable work in action. It’s more than just a tattoo; it’s a piece of personal history, beautifully and skillfully rendered.

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